our vision

UA92’s vision for education.


At UA92, we will educate preparation to realise dreams. It’s about giving our graduates the tools, challenges, support and confidence to make amazing happen.

We will unlock greatness.  

It’s about fuelling passion for success and helping students to get ahead in the worlds of sport, media and business.



the ua92 difference


Universities have traditionally placed academic learning at the core of the curriculum, supported by character development for the world of work. By comparison, UA92 will deliver a curriculum with employability and character development at the core wrapped around by academic development.




conventional UNIVERSITY


What does UA92’s vision mean for you?



You’ll learn from elite performers – the best in sports, media or business – and enjoy an education designed to help you develop in a more rounded way – building life skills, resilience and self-reliance – so you graduate prepared to take on the world. 

Your UA92 qualification will enjoy recognition in the world of work, and provide a unique experience with unrivalled opportunity for success after graduation. What’s more, it’s underpinned by the academic rigour of top-performing, world-renowned Lancaster University. So if you’re dreaming big, UA92 is the place to achieve beyond your current capabilities and realise your maximum potential.

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You want the very best for the people you love. And in UA92, you can rest assured students will gain an education like no other. As well as a respected qualification from renowned academic pioneers Lancaster University, they’ll also take a personal journey of development, discovering new capabilities and confidence All this combines to help your bright spark become tomorrow’s success story: more resilient, more driven,  more employable, and more sought-after by top brands including Microsoft.



We will be looking for exceptional talent to join team UA92. The born leaders. The status-quo challengers. The talent superchargers. So if you’re hungry for a more rewarding role, look no further. Our version of acceptable is exceptional, and we support, believe in, and develop our people to ensure that they’re always working at the very highest level. After all, our students deserve the best, and how can you be the best unless you’re constantly learning, striving and bettering yourself, too?



Support our work to enjoy the satisfaction of enabling the next generation of elite performers. Enjoy the kudos of associating with the best in business, sport and media, and become an integral part of the evolved education that is UA92. Your brand will feel the benefits of associating with the Class of 92, while your talent pool for both placements and graduate recruitment will be dramatically improved thanks to our game-changing curriculum.

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