University is a big investment and it’s important to consider how you’ll manage your finances. We’ve answered some of the questions you might have, to prepare you with all the information before taking the next step.

What do I need to pay for?

If you decide to study away from home, your three biggest outgoings will be tuition fees, accommodation and living costs.

How much are tuition fees?

For UK students, the cost for most undergraduate courses is £9,250 per academic year. Most students choose to take out a student loan to cover this, paid directly to the institution.

How do I apply for a student loan?

You can apply online from Student Finance England, www.gov.uk/student-finance. Applying is not dependent on an offer, so you can get a headstart on the process.

When do I pay this back?

Not straight away. You won’t actually start paying the loan back until you’re working and earning over £21,000 - how much you pay depends on your salary.

Is there a loan for accommodation and living costs?

Yes – eligible UK students can apply for a Maintenance Loan, again through Student Finance England, up to £8,430 a year to help with the costs of living. Repayment of this works in the same way as your tuition fees – they actually combine together into one sum.

I’m an international student, how much are my fees?

Fees for international students will be available on our website. You will be expected to pay a minimum of 50 percent, upfront before your course begins.

Can I get advice or support during my time at UA92?

Absolutely, we will have a Support Team on campus to help you with budgeting and financial advice to ensure you manage your money whilst studying with us. In addition, and as part of our Target Talent Curriculum, you’ll learn about financial planning to manage your finances in study and throughout your working life.

Is there any other financial help available?

There are other government grants - which you don’t have to pay back - to cover living costs for students with dependents, though these depend on your household income. There is also extra support available for students with a disability. All information can be found at www.gov.uk/student-finance.