The class of 92.


Meet the class of 92.


The Class of 92 (Co92) have enjoyed some of the most successful careers in football. They met at Manchester United in the early 90s, and drove their club – and country – to reach new heights.

After stellar careers on the pitch, Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Phil Neville all went on to excel in highly pressurised and challenging environments. What’s more, their attitude towards preparedness, ability to dream big, and commitment to creating opportunity is recognised the world over.

Now, working with Lancaster University, it’s time to give back. UA92 is Co92’s  way of sharing the methodology and personal development techniques that helped them achieve beyond their potential in some of the most highly pressurised and challenging environments in the world.


There’s more to success than timing and talent. Here at UA92, we believe that tenacity, preparedness, passion and hard work play an equally important role. Add commitment, inner fire and the right preparation, and you can compete at a level far beyond your inborn potential – delivering the presentation of a lifetime, performing in front of the camera, or chairing the board.
— Ryan Giggs – Class of 92.



There’s much to learn from the Co92’s success. 

The UA92 team is working closely with Co92 to explore, understand and unlock the secrets of elite performance to enhance our students’ learning experiences.

From these unique foundations, UA92 will provide a higher education experience like no other, accelerating careers in sport, business and the media.