Success is down to more than talent. It’s becoming the best, breaking down boundaries, training hard, and never giving up. UA92’s unique curriculum, connections and real-life training accelerate careers – it’s a game-changing new approach to education.


Our Target Talent curriculum is a unique new approach to learning. It prepares tomorrow’s graduates for stand-out careers by focusing on the whole person. We coach across 10 principles that prepare our students for real-life challenges.


The result?

Graduates who leave us set to take on the world – and win.







Great leaders are made, not born. Through tasks, challenges and presentations, students find their inner leader and gain the skills to inspire a team and take on the world.

subject knowledge.

We teach what we know, sharing our unique expertise in the areas we can make the greatest impact: sport, media and business.



Life skills.

We encourage every student to work abroad – we will support our students in seeing the bigger picture, to become more resilient and gain the motivation to succeed.        



Work experience.

Work experience placements reflect real working life  – we want students to learn how to grow as a result of both positive and negative experiences.


Survival is about improvisation, leadership and coping strategies – and we test it for real with 3 annual challenges, teaching adaptability, resilience and tenacity.



Self and peer group analysis.

Students learn to be reflective and to self-critique, recognising both strengths and areas to improve.



Participative learning.

We don’t just teach students the answers – we will teach them how to learn, on campus and in the workplace, with the insight of industry leaders.


We challenge students to improve their physical well being, so they feel good about how far they’ve pushed themselves both physically and mentally.




Our graduates leave us with the preparation skills and confidence to present at the highest level when they reach industry.


Financial skills.

Managing money in life and work is a vital skill, so we give our students active tutoring in budgeting to build financial acumen.